Writings rules

1)Thou shall not use the name of a real person or event

No real event or person can be used in your stories, in the case of inspiration it must not be to much obvious who or what you are talking about. You have free range to create anything you want, don't limit yourself by recreating real life.

2)Thou shall not use magic nor time travel

This universe don't come with magic nor time travel.

3)Thou shall not challenge the canon

Every story that is not canon is fair game to add what you want or to give it your own twist. But the canon is sacred and his events can not be modified. For exemple a hero can do a new quest in your story but he cannot die or loose a limb if he do things later in the canon.

4)Thou shall let the children be children

No stories with harm coming to children or sexual content about under age characters.

5)Thou shall not let degeneracy take root

No furries, no bronies.

5)Thou shall not use stories from other universe

This is not a place to take revenge on an author that didn't write the story you wanted. Original creation only.

By publishing a story you allow us to use it

We have different plans to bring the stories to life in differents medium. By submiting your story you allow us (the owners of the tales of the galaxy franchise) the right to use it. You will always be credited for it and you will be asked for your participation in case of use of your story.

By publishing a story you allow other to use it

Once you story is published people will be able to use elements, all if they want, to make another one. Maybe from a different point of view or because they think details should be changed it doesn't matter. We work as a community and the stories are but one point of view in the universe. Multiple stories can tell the same one if it's not a word for word copy.

I liked this story I want to create something about it

You can freely create anything you want about the stories written here in fact we encourage you to do so ! (Don't forget to publish it on the sub-reddit). But if you intend to make profit of it you should take contact with us and the author of the story you want to use.

What is the canon ?

The canon is the official story line of the universe. Any story can be promoted to the canon as long as it doesn't contradict the already established stories.

How does a story become canon ?

The firsts one of the canon were the one we wrote. they define the limits and the basis of the universe.

We can still set a story canon if we like it and think it would be a nice addition.

But ultimately we wish for the canon to write itself, by the users for the users. you can vote for the stories to become canon.